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Jordan hopes for a living kidney donor

Jordan Crowley is hoping for a living kidney donor. Jordan is a 23-year-old college student from Elma. He plans to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Psychology this May.

At his birth, Jordan had just one partially functioning kidney which had cysts on it. Over the years, his kidney function has decreased, causing additional health problems.

“I am hoping to find a live donor before I have to go on dialysis,” Jordan said.

Jordan is outgoing and enthusiastic. Among his favorite activities are cooking and baking, swimming, and playing games with his family.

“I enjoy going to restaurants, school, and taking the dogs to walk in parks,” he said.

The University of Rochester Medical Center’s transplant program at Strong Memorial Hospital is where Jordan is listed for transplantation. He has been on the waiting list for a kidney from a deceased donor for several years, but there have been periods of time he was not active on the list.

“Having kidney disease and the need for a transplant has caused stress for my family and for me,” Jordan explained. His illness has caused recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs), which have sometimes required Jordan to be hospitalized. In 2019, Jordan needed to take a semester off from college for medical reasons. He has also started to have seizures with his UTIs, which have required visits to the emergency room.

“I hope to be able to get the transplant soon because I have applied to Graduate school,” Jordan explained. “If I am accepted, the kidney disease would be less for me to have to worry about.”

He added, “Kidney disease is often something that people don't think about unless it affects them personally. I would just like for healthy people to consider donating a kidney to someone. It could save a life!”

If you are interested in learning more about living donation through UR Medicine’s transplant program, you can reach Jordan’s clinical transplant coordinator, Debbie Cook, R.N., at 585-275-7753.

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