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Emergency Preparedness Information

For people receiving dialysis or living with a kidney transplant, planning for emergencies and disasters can be the difference between life and death.

A number of resources for patient preparedness are available from IPRO, including:


The Kidney Community Emergency Response (KCER) Program's disaster preparedness resources can help save lives, improve outcomes, empower patients and families and promote readiness in the community. Resources include:


IPRO ESRD Network 2 tracks dialysis facility closures and altered schedules in New York State at this website:


Important Contact Numbers for Emergencies:

  • IPRO ESRD Network of New York: 800.238.3773

  • ECMC Dialysis: 716.898.1400

  • US Renal Care Patient Hotline: 866.671.8772

  • DaVita Patient Hotline: 800.400.8331

  • Fresenius Patient Hotline: 800.626.1297

  • Veteran Disaster Relief Hotline: 800.507.4571

Erie County residents receiving dialysis, those with disabilities and others with special medical requirements can fill out the Functional Needs Registry Form to make your needs known to local emergency assistance officials.


The National Weather Service Forecast Office Buffalo shares current conditions, storm warnings and more at

Video: What Do Dialysis Patients Need to Know
About Emergency Preparedness?

Recorded webinar from the Dialysis Patient Citizens Education Center

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