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Supporting Dialysis Patients

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

This is a body sling, used to transport people with mobility issues. Last week, a social worker reached out to the Kidney Foundation of WNY because a dialysis patient needed this sling to safely get into a dialysis treatment chair.

Insurance had denied the request for a sling. The patient couldn’t afford it and dialysis staff couldn’t safely treat the patient without this medical equipment. The social worker asked if we could help.

Through our emergency assistance program, the Kidney Foundation of WNY purchased the needed sling and delivered it to the dialysis clinic in time for the patient’s next treatment.

“Not only was this a safety issue but a treatment adherence issue as well,” the social worker wrote.

“I can't say enough about the support KFWNY provides for dialysis patients,” she added. “This is world class service!”

Many helpers made this success story possible. Thanks to the patient's social worker, our Patient Services Committee volunteers, and the financial donors whose generosity allowed us to help.

Help us provide this type of support at #kfwny #kidney #dialysis #wny #Buffalo #Buffalove

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