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Share your story with the Kidney Foundation of WNY

If you are a Western New Yorker looking for a living kidney donor and want to share it publicly, the Kidney Foundation of WNY can help! We can work with you on crafting a strategy for sharing information and help to prepare:

  • Social media posts

  • Short videos to share

  • Online articles

  • Media releases

  • And more!

Email if you'd like the Kidney Foundation to help share your story, or call the foundation at 716-529-4390.

If you have received a transplant and want to share your experience to encourage others, it would be great to hear from you too!

Additional resources for sharing your story include:

Having Your Donor Find YOU

Those in need of a kidney transplant can learn strategies for reaching potential living donors through a program now available online. The Kidney Foundation of Western New York has partnered with the Living Kidney Donors Network to make the video-based program available to people in our region. The program is free and kidney patients, families and medical professionals can register online at

The Kidney Connection

The Kidney Connection is a WNY non-profit through which people in need of a kidney transplant can share their stories in order to connect with potential living donors. Stories and photos of many local people currently awaiting a transplant are at

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