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Celebrating Donate Life Month

Observed in April each year, National Donate Life Month helps raise awareness about donation, encourage Americans to register as organ, eye and tissue donors and to honor those that have saved lives through the gift of donation.

We also ask you to be a part of this life-sustaining community by registering as a donor, becoming educated about living donation, and championing the Donate Life cause.

Frequently Asked Questions About Organ and Tissue Donation

Q: What is the New York State Donate Life Registry?

A: A confidential database of people who have authorized the donation of their organs, eyes,

and/or tissues after their death.

Q: Am I too old or too sick to join the Registry?

A: No one is too old or too sick to enroll in the New York State Donate Life Registry. Doctors

conduct a thorough evaluation of potential donors, including laboratory testing, to ensure

donated organs and tissues are safe for transplant.

Q: Who can join the New York State Donate Life Registry?

A: Anyone age 16 and older can enroll in the New York State Donate Life Registry.

Q: When I join the Registry, what am I signing up to donate?

A: When you join the Registry, you are able to donate any or all of the following organs and

tissues: heart, kidneys, pancreas, lungs, liver, intestines, eyes/corneas, skin, heart valves,

bone, blood vessels, nerve, cartilage and connective tissues.

Q: If I join the Registry, will my medical care be affected?

A: If you are sick or injured, the number one priority is to save your life. Hospitals, EMS,

doctors, and nurses cannot access the Registry. Organ and tissue recovery agencies check

a potential donor’s registration status at the time of death to see if they were enrolled in

the Registry.

Q: I’m not ready to join the Registry today. How can I enroll at home?

A: You can find more information and enroll online at anytime by visiting

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