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Black History Month

George Franklin is the longest living African American kidney recipient. “I never expected to see 30," George said. "Our lives and the lives of others hang on people understanding and accepting the concept of organ and tissue donation, and how it can both save and enhance lives.”

We're joining the Association for Multicultural Affairs in Transplantation in sharing George's inspiring story during #BlackHistoryMonth.

George received his kidney transplant at the George Washington University Hospital on November 4, 1975. Last year marked his 46-year anniversary of receiving the gift of life!

George started hemodialysis when he was 18 years old, just after high school. George is retired now, and has a son and grandchildren. He has traveled the world and says that he has been very fortunate in this life that God has blessed him with.

“So many people did not reach this number and may not reach this number," George said. "I am very fortunate, happy, and blessed to be the nation's longest living African American kidney recipient. I'm forever grateful to the deceased donor and donor family, for my precious gift of life."

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