Post Transplant Kidney Diet (Video)

This video provides information on nutrition and the importance of maintaining a healthy diet post-kidney transplant.

Understanding High-KDPI and Increased Risk Kidneys (Video)

This video was created for patients seeking a kidney transplant. The aim of the video is to encourage patients to consent to high-KDPI and increased risk kidneys when medically appropriate. 

Types of Kidney Donors (Video)

This video explains different types of kidney donors.

Is a Kidney Transplant Right For Me? (Video)

Learn the facts about getting a kidney transplant and how it might affect you, before you make decisions about your treatment.

Kidney Transplant

Some people with kidney failure may be able to have a kidney transplant. During transplant surgery, a healthy kidney from a donor is placed into your body. The new, donated kidney does the work that your two kidneys used to do.