Service learning partnership will spread the word about the Kidney Foundation of WNY

Buffalo State logoHello and welcome to the Kidney Foundation of WNY’s blog! My name is Devlin and I am a senior Communications student at Buffalo State. I, along with a handful of my classmates will be writing and posting for the blog, helping provide the community a better view of what this great foundation does.

Our mission is simple, we aim to spread the word of what the Kidney Foundation of WNY is and does, furthermore ingratiating them into the fabric of our community. The foundation was formed in 2015, so it is relatively new. Due to that fact, not enough members of our community are aware of the foundation’s existence, and this could lead to them being unable to receive assistance.

We hope to eliminate those barriers. Along with the current blog’s community event posts and informational articles, we want to add a direct connection to the Western New York community through stories of donors and patients who are now alive because of a donation they received. Our articles will get the community more involved in the foundation; if they read about someone within the community, and they feel a connection and sympathize with that person, then they will be more likely to spread the word about the foundation.

I, along with my peers, look forward to assisting in bringing the Kidney Foundation of WNY to the forefront of our community for the overall betterment of the Western New York area.