Kidney Bean Cook-Off Recipes: Kidney Bean Bolognese

The Kidney Bean Bolognese was the chefs' choice winner at the Great WNY Kidney Bean Cook-Off on Nov. 9. The culinary program at SUNY Erie Community College kindly shared the recipes for both the Bolognese sauce and the red kidney bean pasta.

Kidney Bean Bolognese Sauce

Yield 2 cups – about 6-8 servings

1 Tbsl vegetable oil

3 Tbsl butter

½ cup chopped onion

2/3 cup chopped celery

2/3 cup chopped carrot

4 garlic cloves – minced

2 cups sliced mushrooms

¼ cup dried mushrooms – rehydrated in hot water

8 ounces dry  kidney beans – soaked overnight  and cooked separately

8 ounces dry cannellini beans – soaked overnight and cooked separately


1/8 teaspoon whole nutmeg – grated

½ cup white wine

1 pint vegetable broth

1 ½ cups canned Italian tomatoes with juice

¼ cup tomato paste

Fresh basil chopped to taste

1 ¼  pounds pasta

Fresh grated Parmesan reggiano



Sauté carrots, celery, onion and garlic in the oil and butter. Remove when translucent.

Then add the mushrooms to the pot and sauté until golden, deglaze with wine and cook down until the alcohol is cooked away.

Add the sautéed carrots, celery, onion and garlic back to the pot.

Add all remaining ingredients and cook until the sauce does not have any liquid left at the bottom of the pan and is thick enough to be tossed with pasta – like the consistency of a meat sauce

Toss the sauce with pasta and fresh basil and parmesan.


Red Kidney Bean Pasta

90 grams      00 Flour (finely ground flour)

10 grams      Semolina Flour

1                     Egg

1/4 cup         pureed, cooked kidney beans

Make a well with the flours. Add egg to middle of well and slowly incorporate egg. Once egg is starting to incorporate, add kidney bean puree and knead by hand to form a coarse dough. Wrap in plastic wrap and let rest about 45 minutes. Dough will be slightly sticky as you will need to incorporate more flour as you put it through pasta maker. Roll to desired thickness and cut into desired pasta shape.

Cook pasta in boiling salted water for about 3 minutes, depending on thickness.