Team Spotlight: Magic McCarthy’s

The Kidney Walk & 5K at Buffalo Outer Harbor on Aug. 19 will include many people with connections to kidney disease. The “Magic McCarthy’s” team includes Anna McCarthy, who needs a kidney transplant. Anna is an art therapist and the mother of a three year old.

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At the time of her daughter’s birth, Anna learned that she had inherited a genetic kidney disease. This mysterious disease has affected her family for 4-5 generations. Anna’s father recently passed away, but was fortunate to receive a kidney transplant when she was a child.

“Until recently, it was anyone’s guess which family members would be afflicted with the disease,” Anna said. She and a cousin learned about genetic research in North Carolina on rare types of kidney disease. Testing showed their family is one of only 200 in the world with a rare form of kidney disease called Autosomal Dominant Tubulo-Interstitial Kidney Disease. “It has affected about 50% of the paternal side of my family and my daughter has a 50% chance of developing it as well,” Anna explained.

“I am lucky,” said Anna. “I am young, otherwise healthy, and have a fulfilling career, supportive friends and family, and young daughter who does a great job of distracting me from the disappointment, anger, and frustration I have felt since being diagnosed.”

Anna’s kidney function has decreased and she recently started dialysis.

Anna said, “I pray that I receive a healthy kidney soon so that I can get back to my normal, active, happy self and teach my daughter that with enough persistence and hope, she can also get through anything life throws her!”

Information about Anna’s search for a living kidney donor is online at